>Election 2008: Teasing the Elephants

>Coming up within the next two days: Sam “I’m not in any way, shape, or form a reference to a sexual activity” Brownback (Oh yes, I went there…especially after his recent encounter), and Mike “I’m Governor of Arkansas and you elected one in the past so…voila” Huckabee.



  1. Anonymous · September 6, 2007

    >ok, so it’s clear that you’re not in favor of any republican candidates (me either). would you care to divulge who in the democratic side you support?

  2. Hikaru · September 7, 2007

    >You’ll know as soon as I will, because I certainly have no idea at the moment.

  3. Anonymous · September 7, 2007

    >fair enough. are there any democractic candidates that you’re pretty sure you won’t be supporting?

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