>Dammit Janet…and Jill too

>Ok, Janet, understand that you’ve been surprising lucky in that despite never changing your name, no one has ever associated you with the wackiness that is your family.

Understand that many people thought the Justin Timberlake sold you out post “nipplegate.”

Understand that a good chunk of your gay fanbase could even forgive you doing duets with such beacons of tolerance like Busta Rhymes and Beenie Man.

But now…NOW

You go and do a Tyler Perry movie?

A Tyler-opportunistic-closet-case-Perry movie? The man who sees nothing wrong with T.D. Jakes?

And even more than that, you and Jill Scott (who also should know better) allow this eejit to take TOP BILLING.

You’re Janet Jackson for the love of god! Fuck the ensemble nature, you know you should have top billing.

Then again, you shouldn’t have done the project in the first place.



  1. Anonymous · September 23, 2007

    >even more bizarre (to my mind, at least) is that the movie is called “why did i get married?” what does tyler perry know about being married? now, i think he can easily relate to being a middle-aged overweight black woman (since he’s already halfway there — in fact, i wonder if, when he’s getting his ass pounded by his lover, he prefers to be called “madea”). but what comedic insight can he pretend to offer about being married?

  2. Clay · September 24, 2007

    >I feel your pain…and I went to a screening. A review to come shortly.

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