>There is No There There

>So, I’m looking at his LGBT proposals and his African American appeal, and I feel nothing.

I feel no transformative experience.

I still see the man who will not and has not apologised for allying himself publicly with McClurkin.

I still see the man who tries to convince people that guilt can be taken away by a tick in the voting booth.

I still see a man that expects me to vote for him on the basis of shared pigmentation.

There is something missing, and all I see is a sepia McGovern at the moment.



  1. Anonymous · February 20, 2008

    >he’s not my first pick either. but if he gets the democractic nomination, i will vote for him. the alternative would be to support a republican (by directly voting for mccain or indirectly staying at home on election day).

  2. ponoono · February 23, 2008

    >thank God for figurative speech. if you really did see McGovern its time to change your glasses !!

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