>Eurovision 2008: Catwoman for Sweden

>No, not Jocelyn Wildenstein, but Charlotte Perelli (ex-Nilsson) won that MF-ing thing over the weekend. (I’m sorry, but the pun was too tempting.) Hero is not that bad of a song, but while it’s better than the bland ABBA knock-off that she won Eurovision [almost a decade ago] with, it’s no Never Let It Go nor It Hurts (even if Catwoman is busy trying to emulate Lena Ph). Catwoman is also pretty off-key.



  1. Anonymous · March 17, 2008

    >for me, the song is just… well, meh.but charlotte broke a cardinal rule of stage performance: never pick backup dancers that look too much like you. so, if you have long blonde hair, then your backup dancers must not have the same look. make them cut it short or tie it back or dye it dark.as a corollary to this rule, your backup dancers cannot appear to be as sexy as you are. and charlotte failed here, too. both of her backup dancers are showing the same amount of skin as she is. that’s a big no-no.

  2. Runar · March 17, 2008

    >Indeed, I was just thinking how wise not to have any other girls near her when they stepped forward..A run-of-the-mill cliché song, but sure to get the blond points as she did last time.

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