>The Wisconsin Tourism Industry

>Wisconsin Department of Tourism claims that the $13 billion state tourism industry is at risk due to the flooding and gas prices.

My question is this: When did Wisconsin get a $13 billion tourism industry?

Does seeing Frank Lloyd Wright’s house and a state full of flat land and trees hold that much interest?

Is it the casino gaming? (That dog track has been losing money since the day it was founded.)

Is it the dairy & grain products?

I know Summerfest is big, but Jesus Wept, it’s not that big.

I could understand it–somewhat–if they were concerned about the fall and winter travel seasons, but they shouldn’t be worried a whit about summer. The Chicagoans & Twin Cities residents will still come, and I reckon most of the Wisconsinites will stay.


Because it’s too expensive to go anywhere else.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · June 20, 2008

    >i’m not sure, but i suspect that many states and cities count “internal” tourism (i.e., local residents who spend a day at an amusement park or public park) as well as “external” tourism (i.e., people who come from outside the area).plus, they can count all sorts of things that are only tangentially related to tourism. for example, if people drive to the area, then the cost of gas and roadside meals might be added to the total spent on tourism.

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