>And now everyone can shoot themselves (part 2)

>Interesting coverage of the Supreme Court handgun decision on the Journal Sentinel‘s NewsWatch.

Guess who supports the decision? Russ Feingold.

Then again he is from Green Bay and not Madison.

Proof that a broken clock can be right twice a day, I’m with Tom Barrett and Bloomie.

This country is too big with too many variables to really definitively say that handguns in the home are acceptable everywhere…at least when loaded.

Chris Rock was onto something when he said that “what we need is not gun control, but bullet control.”


One comment

  1. Anonymous · June 26, 2008

    >interestingly, while people in the u.s. complain about drugs and illegal immigrants coming across the border from mexico, mexicans complain about illegal firearms coming across the border from the u.s.canadians are probably also annoyed that the u.s. can’t stem the flow of guns.

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