>Sunday Jukebox Goes Yugo(slav)

>While the August Video Log is uploading, let us go back…

Once upon a time there was a country that was communist with a little “c.” Sure, the Communist party ran things and pretty much dictated what went on, but it liked to do many things outside of the Eastern Bloc, such as buy Western aircraft for the national airline, participate in multinational singing contests, and send chirpy ditties about men being pricks.

The bitter theme seemed to work well for the Yugoslavs, although some of the entries were a bit ahead of the time. Apparently, Brazil makes a lot of sense when you view it as a socio-economic commentary about that country as opposed to a song about some washed up singer trying to get her end over in South America.

Or maybe it was the woeful performance in Rome.

In my opinion, the Yugoslav entries were actually at their best in the 1970s, where you couldn’t tell whether they were being darkly comic or just depressing.

1971 (And he really brought the bipolar emoting live)


1974 (It is supposed to be wry, seriously)

1975 (The group’s name translates as Blood & Ashes, by the way)

1976 (the ultimate “I-hate/love-you” entry)

Given what we know now, it is rather surprising that Yugoslavia’s only win was with a song devoid of any emotion whatsoever…although it could be interpreted as a commentary on the rest of the world ignoring the fact that the country was going to fall apart at any moment.

On second thought, it’s just a daft number that happened to just luck out.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · August 25, 2008

    >i know the videos are from at least 20 years ago, but the hair and clothing are so awful that, for me, it really distracts from the music.

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