>From the "otherwise it will be awkward" department

>Georgia will not participate at next year’s Eurovision in Moscow.

It’s not that shocking that Georgia would pull out–“You just invaded us, but sure, we’ll go to your capitol city to participate in a pan-continental singing contest with the highest amount of political voting in existence.” Quite frankly, Georgia* could send a cow with a bell and rack up the sympathy points.

* For the record, I’m from the “all sides acted stupidly” school of thought in respect to the Georgian conflict…Like Atlanta is that important.



  1. Anonymous · September 1, 2008

    >”like atlanta is that important”lol. i remember the opening ceremony of the 1996 summer olympics in atlanta. during the parade of countries, the stadium roared when the country of georgia was announced — and sadly, i think many locals cheered because they thought they were fielding their own olympic team.

  2. Anonymous · September 5, 2008

    >Haha, is it true?But right about the sympathy votes not making it fair for Georgia (even though they were the attackers, go figure), still I thought the whole point of friendly competition is to build bridges? It’s missing the point completely to stay out imho.

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