>The Pain in The House

>In order to balance out this Labo(u)r Day’s marathon festivities I went to the dark side: I watched part of the House of Payne marathon on TBS*.

*Clearly Turner knows that they have to aggressively market this show, because otherwise no one would watch it.

It was jaw-droppingly horrible and I have come to several conclusions:

  1. La Perry is not only a hack, but one who refuses to grow as a writer.
  2. La Perry is an insecure control freak and an incompetent director.
  3. La Perry‘s casting choices are surprisingly inspired and better than the dreck they are given to speak.
  4. I have never heard so many missed cues and poorly rehearsed lines on what I am assuming is a show not broadcast live. (I haven’t even heard any live show be this poor, and given the hierarchy of power in television this responsiblity falls upon the directors and producers.)

My god, I weep for Allen Payne. Here is a man who is not only stunning, but also quite talented as an actor (take note of his work in the rarely seen 30 Years to Life and in the more widely seen Jason’s Lyric), and he’s reduced to joint eye candy/straight man role with Lance Gross (who has the potential to do well, if he ever makes it out of the Hades that is Tyler Perry Studios).

For all of its faults, the late UPN could’ve made this work well, but since the Tyler Perry Juggernaut is involved, there is nobody in the room willing to say no.

Pitiful, but what is even more tragic in my view is that the majority of the cast (regardless of their skill at their art) don’t have that many options–if any–outside the Perry empire of dreck.



  1. Anonymous · September 2, 2008

    >i haven’t seen the show, but i agree that tyler perry is a hack.

  2. Anonymous · September 2, 2008

    >i haven’t seen the show, but i agree that tyler perry is a hack.

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