>The Map of the American Personality: The Palindrome Post

>That sodding governor has killed any joy I had in terms of using the word “palindrome.”

Anyway, here’s an interesting article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Apparently researchers at Cambridge University (I guess they have free time and/or grant money to waste) have created a “personality map” of the United States. This map identifies a “stress belt” stretching from Maine to Louisiana.

Wisconsin is outside this belt and ranks #2 for extroversion. I would agree with that, but you have to temper that with the fact that it also ranked #47 for openness. Try to mesh those two aspects together. You also have to remember that the state has 1 or 2 random spree killings a year, and these spree killings are just people (generally outside of Milwaukee, I must point out) going crazy. Remember the murders that inspired Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho happened in Wisconsin.

New York ranked in the top ten for neuroticism. Equally not surprising.

Time for happy music! MISIA released a digital single last month called Catch the Rainbow, seems rather appropriate escape from the nonstop September 11th coverage today.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · September 11, 2008

    >perhaps wisconsinites are #1 in neuroticism, but they’re just very good at hiding it (sort of like “highly functional alcoholics”)?

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