>A Belated Apology or How I learned to dress for the connecting city

>I was reading a thread on Airliners.net about “Most annoying passengers” and they mentioned body odour. 

Well, I should take this moment to apologise to my seatmate on the delayed 1:55 pm flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee this past Friday evening, plus anyone who came close to me at Hartsfield-Jackson.
Here’s the story:
I thought that a warm wool sweater (with no undershirt) was the perfect compromise between comfort and warmth, particularly I was going from one cold city to another with only a 70 minute stopover in a warm one. Well, as most of the US & Canada found out, pretty much the entire Upper Midwest was shut down and that 70 minutes stretched out to 7 hours…7 hours in wool in 70 degrees. 
It’s jackets from here on in.
Fortunately it was not as grueling as Sugarbaker sisters flying to Japan.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · December 21, 2008

    >i love the line about getting seated next to a “baby who smokes” (even if the reference to smoking dates the clip).

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