>Simon Baker Drops His Oz Because of O

>Perhaps not the best version of a New York Post type of headline, but not too horrible I reckon.

I’ve always been a bit indifferent towards Simon Baker, mostly because in interviews and in career choices he comes across as a bit duplicitous in that he’ll say or do anything to get to that next rung on the ladder*.

* I finally read that he’s Tasmanian. That explains it! (Just kidding to anybody out there reading this in Tasmania. Love you.)

Therefore, I’m somewhat suspect of his declaration that he’s going to become an American citizen (fittingly saying so in Parade, one of the nation’s most middle-of-road and read–while being put out with the recyclables–“magazines”). Not that I don’t think he’s going to do it, but I don’t really buy his stated reasoning of Obama.

My guess: tax-dodging.


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