>Saturday Jukebox Goes Eurovision 1979 style

>Since this corner of the internet is now switching to Eurosong mode, it seems only appropriate for a Eurovision-themed jukebox.

Let’s start with a recap of 1979, and I’ll pick out 3 that stand out for me.

Now some performances in full. I have to start out with that absolute rarity, a ballad that I actually like, Je Suis L’enfant Soleil, which lyrically is pretty strong, but also greatly aided by the fact that Anne-Marie David sings it with gusto.

On the total opposite end of the spectrum is the Dutch ode to of all places, Colorado. (Damn catchy middle section though.)

Seriously, why would the Dutch sing about cheap trips to Colorado? But then, why would the Yugoslavs sing about Brasil? Deep thought of the day.

Completing the trio/quartet today is the Norwegian disco* entry Oliver, performed by Karen Carpenter-lookalike Anita Skorgan.
* Moreso on the studio version than live.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · January 25, 2009

    >”je suis l’enfant soleil” isn’t bad for a ballad. but apparently anne-marie david won the 1973 eurovision contest for “tu te reconnaitras.”as far as the dutch entry that year, i wonder if the colorado state board of tourism had anything to do with things?and although they do look somewhat similar, i think anita skorgan was much prettier than karen carpenter.

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