>ESC 2009: Catching Up

>I’m not going to even try to catch with Melodifestivalen, but there have been some rather interesting developments in Eurosong-land.

First, Georgia (as in the country that was overrun by Russian tanks last year, not the American state of a million peachtrees, Delta, and La Perry) chooses a song that–I hope intentionallyuses fragmented English to make a political statement against Putin. (Made even more ironic given the rash of Russian entries for whom English grammar is a not real concept thing.)

And it’s a funky Sly Stone political statement to boot.

That they are taking to Moscow.

How’s that for guts? I think I have my favourite for this year.

Meanwhile, France sends Patricia Kaas–think Marlene Dietrich (well, she is part-German). The song is a return to the traditional deep French ballad with a strong jazz twist, and it’s not bad, but I kind of miss the multilingual agitprop of the previous two French entries.

Meanwhile the Dutch pick a catchy song for De Toppers, although it sounds to me like a cross between something from Simply Red’s back catalogue and a boyband castoff.

And sex-on-legs from 2004 & 2006 co-host Sakis Rouvas will be singing this ditty in Moscow, but if he doesn’t bare anything more than his sternum, Athens 2010 isn’t going to happen. (Believe didn’t win because it was that good of a song.) I will cut Saz some slack for his national final performance since he was ill and lip-syncing, but usch…This isn’t a triumphant return.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · February 23, 2009

    >i expect georgia will get quite far based solely on sympathy votes from eastern europe, especially with a nose-thumbing at russia.

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