>ESC 2009: Moldova & Romania

>First off, Moldova sends a song that is not only in Moldovan, but also liberally name-checks it every ten seconds. Nelly Ciobanu (with liberal help from a bunch of frenetic dancers) performs Hora din Moldova.

Just a little off to East from Moldova is Romania, which returns to their pop formula (although it was dance pop that actually did them favours not sugary pop) after last year’s May-December dirge. Performing The Balkan Girls is Elena Gheorghe, and I have to now put on my lyric-sensitive cap. Admittedly, this song is not deep by any stretch of the imagination, but the verses and the chorus do not mesh well…unless Elena (taking fashion cues from the mid 1980s) is trying to make a statement about how a party lifestyle is ultimately unfulfilling.




  1. Anonymous · February 25, 2009

    >the moldovan entry totally rocks! i love that they aren’t trying to westernize their music and that they stick to (what i can only imagine to be) local choreography.color me totally unimpressed with the romanian entry. it looks and sounds like some cheap pop ditty (which i’m not always against, but this entry is poorly executed even for a cheap pop ditty).finally, i believe that moldova forms romania’s northwestern border. so, unless my geography is wrong, romania isn’t “just a little off to east from moldova.” romania is immediately southeast of moldova.

  2. Anonymous · February 25, 2009

    >oops. i meant, that moldova forms romania’s northeastern border. so, romania is immediate southwest of moldova.i just checked to be sure and realised i mixed up my directions.

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