>ESC 2009: The Weekend that it was

>It was a big weekend in Eurosongland, Portugal chose, Croatia chose, Bosnia presented their song, but only two winners stood out for me.

First off, Spain chose Soraya, and hopefully my gut feeling is an indicator that Spain will place very high, I almost think it’s a dark horse to win.

And Latvia has gone and done something that shocked me: They chose a song that I like, Sastregums–which will actually be called Probka and performed in Russian (although the chances of the Russian entry actually being in Russian are slim)–by Intars Busulis.

Intars’s performance style seems to be highly influenced by the lead singer of The Hives, although his backing performers (and the song itself) seem like they take their cues from Talking Heads. (I realise that might be a very pedantic difference though.)

Nonetheless a great entry. Go Latvia.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · March 3, 2009

    >i don’t really like the latvian entry, but that doesn’t mean it won’t win.

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