>The Backlash Against Overzealous Weather Coverage Starts

>Oddly enough with the local FOX affiliate in Milwaukee. Watch.


In order to put this in proper context, understand that in Milwaukee they will pre-empt anything if there is the slightest chance that anything more than 2″ (roughly 5cm) of snow, because as Tim Cuprisin on his Journal Sentinel blog is fond of pointing out: weather = rating$$$$ for local news operations.

As someone who grew up in Greater Milwaukee, I feel a bit of a traitor for showing WGN’s own answer to obsessive snow coverage, however it’s funny, I got it via the Journal Sentinel, and it really illustrates the difference between Chicagoans and Milwaukeeans.


Let this serve as a warning to all TV news directors worldwide.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · March 3, 2009

    >that’s hilarious.

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