>Tuesday Jukebox Loves Tommy and her Mulitple Personalities

>Perhaps us February 6 people have a bit of a multiple personality tendency as Tomoko Kawase (aka Tommy february6, aka Tommy heavenly6).

Birthday bias aside, I really like Tomoko’s solo projects, because they are really intriguing performance art. First, Kawase creates one character (who seems to live life to a Stock Aitken Waterman soundtrack), Tommy february6 who’s cute-as-a-button, albeit repressed with a drinking problem…



…then she creates another character (Tommy heavenly6) as the liberated other half. Genius.



And a very wry comment on the state of Japanese popular culture.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · March 3, 2009

    >will the real tomoko kawase please stand up? in any case, i like both personas and their songs.

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