>It’s Mardi Gras Weekend, So Where Are The Gay Stars?

>I have to say that in general, I find Australia more tolerant in regards to gay issues than the US. Without a doubt, my opinion is based on being an outsider looking in, so I don’t quite have the same perspective as a native. That being said, a close friend who is a born and bred Australian and who has lived in the US, shares that opinion.

I could go on and on as to the reasons why, but it all boils down to the fact that (indigenous natives aside, of course) the US was settled by a hodge-podge of religious zealots and fortune seekers, whereas Australia was settled mostly by convicts, military, and fortune seekers.

I mention this because one thing I find extremely peculiar is that there are very few Gay Australian celebrities. Ironically, the one article that addresses this absence is one of the NewsCorp papers, The Herald Sun.

It is bizarre that in this day and age, in a country that has one of the most prominent and well attended international celebrations of Gay & Lesbian liberation, that there are so few celebrities willing to say “I’m gay.”


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  1. Anonymous · March 6, 2009

    >but is it because there are no gay australian celebrities… or because gay australian celebrities don’t want to come out of the closet?australia has the advantage (relative to the u.s.) of being more urbanized. urban dwellers are, after all, more tolerant of lgbt folks than rural and suburban dwellers.so, if you compare only big aussie cities to big u.s. cities, i’d be surprised if there’s too much difference between them in attitudes toward the lgbt.but the rural and suburban areas of australia are probably more tolerant than equivalent parts of the u.s.i once read somewhere that “australia got the convicts, canada got the french and america got the puritans.” of the three, i think the u.s. got the worst deal — only narrowly beating out the canadians. 😉

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