>ESC 2009: Ukraine

>I’m beginning to think that the reign of Eastern countries in Eurovision is beginning to come to an end. Ukraine has selected an entry that is just bizarre–a fun bizarre, but not the kind of bizarre that I think would get people (both public and jury) to vote for it. The entry itself is called Be My Valentine (it’s March, and the contest proper is in May, logic be damned) and the performer is Svetlana Loboda. Now, Svetlana quite simply goes for it onstage, much in the same way Ani Lorak did. (She even does a drum break.) Yet, what Shady Lady had was a sleek performance (even in the National Final version). This is going to need a complete and total overhaul.




  1. Anonymous · March 9, 2009

    >i simply love everything about this entry — from the drum solo to the madonna brassiere — and i don’t think they should change a thing. but you’re probably right that it has no chance of winning.

  2. Anonymous · March 9, 2009

    >loboda… makes me think of loboda-my (i.e., lobotomy).

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