>Sunday Jukebox Bonus Says You Can Have Too Many Dancers

>I have never really mentioned the group EXILE here, which is odd since I do like them for the most part. It’s just–well–they seem a bit daft to me. You have a group composed of 2 singers, and 5 dancers, which pretty much makes them the male Pussycat Dolls, except that 5 of them have no pretense that they are singers in the group. That said, they do have some good hits, even if the performances are a bit too OTT.


Now I read that HIRO, EXILE’s leader and uberboss/manager of several other groups is now merging EXILE with his similar project J Soul Brothers (which did just have a #1 debut album not but a month ago). J Soul Brothers pretty much EXILE with a bit more edge, and with the 2 vocalists joining in the dancing. (Maybe they are more like the Pussycat Dolls more than the mothership, because Nicole does dance her butt off as well.)



Now that you’ve seen the two groups on their own, prepare yourself to watch the strangeness that is the new 14-person EXILE where there are effectively 12 dancers and 2 vocalists that do. not. move.


It looks like some sort of comedy sketch with The Rockettes, except with grown men–some of whom are pushing 40. The new supersized EXILE’s first release is the EP The Monster (no kidding) coming next month.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · March 22, 2009

    >not everyone knows this, but it’s actually just one singer and one dancer. they do it all with mirrors.anyway, there’s no denying that they hit the step step — even though the beat’s like skip skip.

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