>Wednesday Jukebox Sambas with Ken

>It’s April 1st, Spring has started, and fun and frivolity are in bloom.

Therefore, this corner of the internet has decided to start the month with an overload of Ken Matsudaira’s massively addictive and over-the-top Matsuken Samba series of songs.

First off, Matsuken Samba III, the most recent entry.

A disclaimer: do not expect any slick production here, which just increases the camp value tenfold.

And now, Matsuken Samba II, the massive hit which would not be out of place in All That Jazz.


In lieu of any formal video of the original Matsuken Samba, here is a video of a remix of Matsuken Samba II. It manages to be even trippier than the original, although not by much.




  1. Anonymous · April 1, 2009

    >tokyo meets las vegas.

  2. Anonymous · April 6, 2009

    >”his name is matsuken… he was a showgirl… but that was 30 years ago when there used to be a show… now it’s a disco, but not for matsuken…”

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