>Saturday Jukebox Says I Don’t Like You That Way

>I thought this might be appropriate for a Saturday morning post, and go along with the cultural differences theme…and a reminder that insect repellent time is coming soon.

Let me present to you Oshiri Kajiri Mushi, the animated butt/bottom biting bug that, according to the songwriters and Wikipedia, “encourages people to interact with each other.” This strange insect rear-end fetishist got a “special stage” at the 2007 Kohaku, as I just recently discovered. (It’s not easy to find Kohaku programmes in full.)

Honestly, that bug was the most bizarre pop culture phenomenon I ever came across.

If you are have nearby or are under the influence of any mind-altering substances, then you will either enjoy this immensely or have nightmares. (And like most childrens’ themed entertainment it is full of double entendres.)


Now watch it being performed live.

Honestly, there has to be a better way to meet people.


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