>Friday Jukebox is down with ravex

>Which is rather funny, since it would be odd for me to be a major supporter of the group assembled to commemorate the 20th anniversary of a corporate juggernaut, but Avex gets the same sort of exception that I also give Virgin*.

* As long as you don’t seem openly greedy, manage to be innovatative, and have some fun while doing it, I don’t mind.

ravex is the aforementioned group, and they’re essentially doing with the Osamu Tezuka estate what Daft Punk did with Leiji Matsumoto some time ago.


Their debut (and I’d be willing to bet one and only) album will be released at the end of this month, but what I find rather interesting is that close to all of it has already been released via singles, tracks on compliation CDs, or just digital releases.

Nonetheless, I’m going to admit that they have made me their lemming as I am definitely planning to purchase it.

It’s an eclectic album as the videos suggest:

The first video and single that was released last year was the collaboration with the infamous DJ OZMA, I RAVE U. If you really like or at least tolerate the humour of present-day Saturday Night Live set to rave music, then you’ll make it through this video. If not, I would suggest some dark glasses.


In stark contrast to the throw-everything-and-the-kitchen-sink sound and video (although I did like the nude men smacking the sides of their heads whilst screaming “I don’t care”** and those dance sequences are funny) of I RAVE U is ONE MORE NIGHT which is the ravex collaboration with Canadian-Japanese band MONKEY MAJIK.

** rough translation by me.


Still trippy in its own way though.

Keeping with dreamy synthpop romance theme is the second ravex single (ONE MORE NIGHT just sort of appeared in January with little fanfare) Believe in Love which featured Korean pop princess (buy her North Amercan debut album!) BoA.


You can see and hear more clips from the ravex project at their website: ravex.jp.

I’m particularly looking forward to what Shinchi Osawa/Namie Amuro’s ROCK U will sound like in full.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · April 10, 2009

    >wow. great stuff. i especially like the first song/video, but the second one is very good, too.

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