>Tuesday Jukebox is in the House

>It shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, but the Japanese music scene is having a bit of a good run of great house/pop songs recently (relatively speaking).

First off, Seira Kagami & Ryohei [Yamamoto]’s First Sight, which is a pretty good song, but the video is a bit odd: Seira looks happy and cheerful, while Ryohei is clearly going for the early Michael Jackson “I must look like I’m in pain every second” style of performing.


Seira’s debut album Celebration goes on sale April 22 (most likely available via Amazon at a decent import price).

Doing relatively on the charts (considering there was little promotion) was LADY BIRD (strange name for two male producers/DJs) and Soni’s (model Wei Son) Sweet Song, which was released late February. Nothing currently announced in the pipeline, but I reckon it won’t be long before another single or mini album is announced. Particularly since this has to be one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard in a long time.


Bonus: Perhaps my dancing (in)ability is due to the fact that I’m just stuck in the 1980s. Evidence: Take a look at EPO’s energetic (but very dated by 2009 eyes) routine from 1983. I have danced like that as recently as February.


I think U,fu,fu,fu (wow, that looks silly written in latin script) would’ve walked Eurovision that year…if Japan was in Europe.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · April 14, 2009

    >i’m not going to rush out to buy or download these songs, but i won’t change the radio station when they come on, either.

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