>Friday Jukebox SMAPs Nostalgic

>It seems appropriate (and well, nakedly opportunistic, pun intended) to use the Crunk Kusanagi story as a chance to have another SMAP anthology jukebox.

Here is a clip of SMAP “performing” a “Disco” medley (disco in the European sense of term, US: techno/dance) of their hits last year (including $10, which is rather funny in lieu of all this lost income) . I still find it odd and a little bit sad/pitiful that they all look a bit dead in the eyes. Then again, most of these songs they’ve been singing since at least 1996, and a bunch of Para-Para dancing girls (and annoying DJs) would make most people feel like getting out of there ASAP.


Going a bit back in time, here’s SMAP performing $10 as well as some other early SMAP hits back in their early days, when they had 6 members and performed in outfits from a Chippendales fire sale. (Don’t even get me started on Scarface Groove with lyrics like “ebony girl” and “sissy cop.”)


One of my favourite SMAP songs–and also one that might’ve been running through Tsuyoshi’s mind a few nights ago–is Shiyouyo (translation: Let’s Do It). Jazz fans and Cole Porter fans, guess the well-known song that Shiyouyo borrows heavily from. Serious Eurovision fans/aficinados guess which 1970s UK Eurovision entry Shiyouyo also sounds similar to. (Hint: the lyrics and title of that Eurovision entry could very well describe Tsuyoshi’s state of mind at the moment.)


I don’t know what excuse Johnny’s had for Katori’s outfit, but he looks like a man wearing a see-through poncho.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · April 24, 2009

    >i won’t hazard a guess at either of the two related songs, but the clips are highly entertaining.

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