>Get A Grip, Tsuyoshi

>You know, you can read something several times and have it reported as fact by reputable news agencies.

Yet until you see it right in front of your face, you don’t quite believe it.

Nakai, I could easily believe. Katori, I could believe. Kimura, probably hasn’t done it because he wants money for any pictures. As for Inagaki, he already made an attempt at vehicular homicide…We all know they’re quite SMAPed up. (Remember now that the New Kids On The Block, New Edition, and Take That had a decade of relative obscurity to nip any crazy that was about to crop up.)

Yet, quiet Kusanagi going on a nude drunken tear in a park? That’s just bizarre, yet there it is on the ABC website being reported by Reuters.

In the interest of full disclosure (and taking a serious risk in terms of my own crediblity): I still think he’s quite fit, and if what the Communications Minister said (“I’ll never forgive him.”) is true, then that’s just cold.

So, I have no problem with Tsuyoshi Kusanagi being naked at 3am. Although a city park is a rather odd choice of venue.

Footnote: Get A Grip, Tsuyoshi (Tsuyoshi shikkari shinasai) was an anime from the early 1990s. The titular Tsuyoshi was the put-upon male in a house full of women. (Lest you think harem, the women were his sisters and mother, and they slapped him…often.)



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  1. Anonymous · April 24, 2009

    >that is just smap-tabulous!

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