>And we begin with the ending to end all endings

>For the classic anime fans, or those who just like a good overwraught and melodramic space opera ending, here is the classic ending to Final Yamato. Make sure you have a good 9 minutes spare as this is one of those rare sequences where nearly every thing plays a role in establishing the emotional impact, especially in regards to sound. Whether you know the story or not, it’s some pretty heavy stuff.


This sequence is my way of announcing the beginning of the Goodbye New York City theme festival here at this corner of the internet. Not that I consider New York City to be a revived WWII cruiser going bravely into the murky abyss, (even the Yamato got a happy alternative ending) but rather that my period here is coming to a close, and transitioning into somewhere else.

Periodically over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting assorted music videos, Opening/Ending sequences, and other musical things that I feel express directly or indirectly my experiences here as one blip in the water that is the sea of New York City for the past 8 years.

I invite all who read this to share and comment with their own stories and clips (preferably musical in nature).



  1. Anonymous · April 27, 2009

    >such a dramatic clip and post. somehow, i doubt that most people would make much fanfare over an imminent move away from… say, des moines. so, i guess that says something about new york.it’s not entirely clear where you’ll be moving to. are you still going to australia? of course, if you’d rather hold off on making an announcement in a later post, that’s entirely fine.

  2. Hikaru · April 27, 2009

    >You guessed correctly: Melbourne, Australia, in fact.

  3. Anonymous · April 27, 2009

    >well, congratulations. i hear melbourne is a lovely place that will soon have a population over 4 million. 😉

  4. Anonymous · April 28, 2009

    >Endings give birth to new beginnings,where ever you go I am sure you have made the decision thoughtfully and will be rewarded accordingly

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