>The Goodbye NYC, Goodbye USA Theme Festival: Day Three

>Despite traveling to New York City frequently since my toddler years, I reckon that the real inspiration for moving here was not for theatre, not because I saw Seinfeld/Sex & The City/or even Throb, but because of MTV’s Street Party.

How I stumbled across Street Party is mostly because I outgrew ABC’s lineup of syrupy sweet sitcoms on Friday. (Full House, Family Matters, etc.) I wanted to feel a bit more sophisticated and hip, and a 2 hour block of dance music certainly fit the bill.

I don’t know if this was the first ever video I saw on Street Party, but I certainly remember it like it was.

Next time: Theme Songs A-Go-Go…and Grunge, plus the finale.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · April 30, 2009

    >that “dance rap” stuff is freaking awesome.and i’m just blown away by how beautiful vanessa williams is — when she was younger as well as the more mature (though surgically polished) we see today.

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