>Kusanagi-gate: A Catchphrase Will Set You Free

>Japan’s already catchphrase crazy media culture can add another one to the list:

What’s Wrong With Being Naked?

The slogan has already been transferred to t-shirts and is selling quite well, according to Reuters.

Club T can probably take all of those profits for themselves as Johnny’s is unlikely to ask for a piece of the pie, because it just wouldn’t look right. (They are in ignore it–and ignore Tsuyoshi–mode at the moment.)

Meanwhile, Tsuyoshi gets all charges dropped (even with a blood alcohol eight times the legal limit)* because the police felt he was sorry enough…and he has fans rabid enough that they would threaten to attack the station and bust him out.

Happy May Day.
* and I still think he had some additional chemical aid.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · May 1, 2009

    >is it may day again already? cheers, comrade.i love that “kusanagi-gate” now has its own catchphrase. wwwbn?

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