>Morning Show Presenters Gone Wild

>One thing I have come to appreciate about Australian media is that the networks only just barely try to hide their contempt for one another. (As opposed to here in the US where the modus operandi is to ignore each other’s existence publicly beyond the phrase “another network.”)

Case in point: The recent “Was Karl Stefanovic Drunk on Today?” kerfuffle which appeared on Seven’s Today Tonight recently.

Some background: Today airs on Nine and is the former morning show ratings champ. Its arch rival is Sunrise (which is affiliated with NBC’s Today Show–just to confuse matters) which airs on Seven. Think of this story as if Dateline covered one of those Good Morning America Ken dolls slurring their words the day after the Emmys. Yet I don’t think that even Dateline would show their fangs as much as Today Tonight does.


For the record, I think he was drunk…no matter what he says. It’s like he’s the reverse of Tsuyoshi “What’s Wrong With Being Naked (and tweaked)?” Kusanagi”



One comment

  1. Anonymous · May 8, 2009

    >i wonder if anyone has ever been drunk on an american morning show?

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