>Eurovision 2009: Day/Night One The Review Pre-Show

>I almost can’t believe it’s here already, but yes, today is the first semi-final for Eurovision 2009.

I will be covering it “live”* as per usual, and for my final Eurovision in USA post, I’ll be watching it on not TVE International, but on RTP Internacional. I’ve swapped Spain for Portugal. I have no idea what to expect commentator-wise, I don’t think RTP will have the droll and slyly sarcastic commentary that TVE has, but one holds out hope.
* In other words, unedited, but the post will go online around primetime EDT.
Sadly, I don’t see TVE-I airing the 2nd semi, so it’ll be online fun on Thursday.
And apparently Pooty-Poot’s Sing-a-long organisers announced hosts.
The semi-finals will be presented by Natalya Vodyanova, a model, and Andrey Malakhov, who is touted as “one of the most stylish presenters on Russian television” (based on that picture at Eurovision.tv, the bar is very low). I think Natty & Andy will be their nicknames, and I have suspicion that Natty will probably do a better job than Andy. 
The final will be presented by Alsou (who represented Russia in 2000 with the Britney Spears-esque Solo, and got an ultimately well-earned 2nd place) and Ivan Urgant, who is an actor and presenter (mostly labouring on some real pulpy shows, judging by his bio, but he has a good picture, and Russian ego is at stake here, so he must be something). I’m think Al & I for nicknames, but I may have to resurrect Will & Grace…because I just have a hunch they will be the Russian counterparts to Maria & Sakis. 
Finally, instead of coming up with a top ten or so, I’m just going to list the ones I hope qualify:
  • Montenegro
  • Switzerland
  • Armenia
  • Finland
  • Andorra
You can watch the show online at eurovision.tv.
Happy Eurovision week.

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  1. Anonymous · May 12, 2009

    >go malta!

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