>Wednesday Jukebox enjoys some good hype (part two)

>And now here’s the answer.


I have to say, I’m rather impressed with the final product. The video and teasers also make a sly comment on the state of the Korean Pop music scene.



  1. Anonymous · May 13, 2009

    >ok, i’m still unsure of what “again” is supposed to be. but it looks like my guess was wrong.

  2. Hikaru · May 13, 2009

    >I did phrase the post just in case anyone missed the “reveal.” Again is a male singer, which makes all the shots of women in the trailers red herrings (no pun intended).

  3. Anonymous · May 14, 2009

    >i’m sorry… how is the post phrased to make it clear that “again” is a male singer?

  4. Hikaru · May 14, 2009

    >Actually just the opposite. I phrased the post so that it wouldn’t quite give away the fact that Again is a male singer.

  5. Anonymous · May 14, 2009

    >oh, thanks for the clarification.

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