>Eurovision 2009 Post-Mortem: Jury Saves

>The full results are now up at Eurovision.tv.

And the jury saves are:

Semi-Final 1: Finland (Macedonia 10th, Montenegro 11th)

Semi-Final 2: Croatia (Serbia 10th, Ireland 11th)

Other observations:

  • Czechia got zip.
  • Sweden got in on merit! 4th place at their Semi.
  • Portugal got 8th at their Semi.
  • Romania got 9th place at Semi-Final 1 with 67 points. Macedonia got 10th at the same Semi-Final with 45 points.
  • Krassy got only 7 points total (Turkey & Macedonia).
  • The UK’s 12 points went to Finland at Semi-Final 1.
  • The Netherlands only got 11 points.
  • Slovakia only got 8.
  • Hungary’s points only came from Spain, Slovakia, Azerbaijan(8!), and Albania. Will from 2006 got points nearly across the board. Urban Symphony did even better than he did.
  • Slovenia’s only points came from Albania, Serbia, and Croatia.
  • Svetty only got 6th at the Semi.


  1. Anonymous · May 18, 2009

    >any surprises here?

  2. Runar · May 18, 2009

    >- Macedonia kicked out in favor of Finland and Croatia for Serviais understandable even if Finland ended up last.- Yes Czechia nil points again, ouch. How much more beating before they bow out?- And Sweden must have been robbed by the jurys as they were 4th in their semi, wonder why?

  3. Hikaru · May 18, 2009

    >I think peculiarly Czechia is going to hold out for a few more contests, before giving up the ghost. Just wait until they get into the same semi with Slovakia. (And if Austria re-enters…oy).The Semis were again really unbalanced in terms of quality (so to speak). Semi 1, again, had a few good songs and a lot of ones that got in by just being not bad. Semi 2 on the other hand was a blood bath.

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