>Sunday Jukebox goes Norwegian

>Norway is the first and only country to win Eurovision each decade since the 1980s (1985, 1995, and now 2009). Unless Ireland is really good next year, this record will stay in tact. 

I think that merits a Jukebox special, particularly of the 1960s & 70s when Norway did not do so well on the scoreboard, even though the songs were truly top notch.
First off,  Gi Meg Fri, which when you listen to it, was pretty damn good.



1966 to 1969 marked a run of Norwegian entries that I really liked.


Apologies for purists, but I have to include my own creatively redesigned version of Stress.


Just like Kirsti dominated the 1960s, so did Anne-Karine seem to do the same for the early part of 1970s. 
Her best entry, in my opinion was her 1974 entry, which was lyrically butchered for the final, in my view. (Although I can understand why 3 minutes of Anne-Karine calling the audience self-absorbed consumerist pigs nonstop would probably not be the best way to score points.)

And then there was Jahn Teigen. (Imagine if this won instead of Mata Hari?)


(You thought I was going to play Mil Etter Mil?)

And Anita Skorgan, who in her prime looked like a healthy Karen Carpenter.

And since 1980 is technically part of the 1970s, the jukebox must end with…


Next year in Oslo or Bergen or Stavenger. Might I suggest a pairing of this year’s spokesman & Ingvild Bryn? She’d run roughshod over him.



  1. Anonymous · May 18, 2009

    >great collection of videos. i like the ealier stuff better than the newer stuff.

  2. Runar · May 18, 2009

    >”Although I can understand why 3 minutes of Anne-Karine calling the audience self-absorbed consumerist pigs nonstop would probably not be the best way to score points.”Hehe, yes that is usually not the right thing to do, even for socialist Norway in the 70’s.But thanks for these, I have frankly never seen the early ones as I usually break out in rashes with anything older than from 1990, but you’re right ‘Gi Meg Fri’ is not half bad at all. Kinda ‘Doorsy’ in a way.And what hits me is that some of the girls like Grynet and Anne-Karine were actually hot in their day. Also surprised by their confidence but I guess our ‘super star’ jazz singer Karin Krogh gave them some belief.And then there was Jahn Teigen Exactly. Norway firmly established as camp zero. (he was actually a comedian/singer).Anita Skorgan was the number one lust object for a long time and she just recently came out and said it all got to her head, but she’s fine now, haha.. (she and Jahn married btw).Looking at our history, there’s really been a lot of experimenting, and a string of awful, awful songs that I just can’t bear to listen to. But then it all came good with Nocturne, perhaps the best ESC song of all time (and I mean it objectively) together with Lane Moje maybe.I also quite liked Elisabeth Andreassen – I Evighet (1996).Norway has throughout always loved the competition and there were never any talk of quitting. 2.3M watched Saturday’s show which is half the population, but even on a bad year it has record numbers.But disagree strongly on Ingvild as host, her voice is grating and she’s got no style. I am currently promoting Mona Grudt (miss universe; demure, likeable and elegant) and Robert Stoltenberg (genius comedian and linguist), but I guess it will be Fredrik Skavlan, popular and clever talk show host even though he is maybe too short. At least he is unlikely to go overboard, but maybe a bit dull.Oh and nice video editing there, it sort of fits.. 😉

  3. Hikaru · May 18, 2009

    >Perhaps it’s just the mischievous side of me, but Ingvild was truly hilarious as presenter in 1996, though her voice was grating. It was fascinating to watch her basically come out of nowhere and totally upstage Morten Harket.I think when a country tends not to be noticed at Eurovision there is a tendency to be more experimental. Nocturne was definitely a surprise winner (although I wasn’t privy to the build up, so maybe it was an expected winner).

  4. Runar · May 18, 2009

    >Doesn’t take much to upstage weird and nerdy Morten, but then Ingvild is anyway kind of butch. A role reversal, but then this was the 90’s and Scandinavia after all..

  5. Runar · May 19, 2009

    >Favourites so far are Jon Almaas and Ingerid Stenvold, both NRK people:http://nrk.no/contentfile/file/1.6536089!f169CropList/img650x367.jpgHe hosts a news on news comedy show, very suave and looks great in a tux. I agree he will be perfect, funny and unflappable.Ingerid is a sports reporter now doing the weekly music show, there’s not a soul who doesn’t like her, she’s adorable and very bubbly without being OTT. The chemistry between her and Jon is terrific as seen from of their bets (which Ingerid usually wins).

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