>Scenes from the Battle for Fall Programing

>Courtesy of Daily Variety:

  • ABC cancelled Samantha Who? (Bugger, but Better Off Ted might make up for the loss). The thing that did Samantha in? Money + A lot of new series.
  • Ugly Betty moves to Friday at 10 PM!
  • Kelsey Grammer & Patricia Heaton are back…on ABC…on separate sitcoms. I have my doubt as to whether either will survive, but who knows.
  • Law & Order regular lives on to chime for its 20th season for NBC, although it will only run for 16 episodes.
  • Sherri Shepherd of The View gets her own sitcom…on Lifetime.

One comment

  1. Anonymous · May 19, 2009

    >speaking of network programming, the 2006 movie called “the tv set” did an excellent job of skewering the industry.aside from the made-up “slut wars” show, my favorite part was how the big network honcho (played brilliantly by sigourney weaver, whose own father was once president of nbc) used the opinions/taste of her teenage daughter to determine which pilots were worthy of being picked up — which is a wonderful allegory for the way in which television programming often caters to the lowest common denominator when it comes to maturity and sophistication.

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