>Sunday Jukebox Asks "Can We End This 80s Revival?"

>The oughties are truly a decade in search of an identity, and it seems that the only one it could poach easily was the 1980s.

Well, comrades, I think we are finally about to say goodbye to the Eighties Part II.
Not because it’s 2009.
Not because the financial sector is turning around (with government assistance).
Not even because ABC is reviving V.
Comrades, the proof that the Eighties Revival is over is the video for SHINee‘s Juliette: song which itself is a cover of a Corbin Bleu song, whose entire career musically is based upon early 1980s Michael Jackson.
Revel in the 80-ness all around.


Now can we end this foolishness, please?


One comment

  1. Anonymous · May 24, 2009

    >nothing strange about all this. culture (high and low) is constantly being recycled.

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