>Think before you speak


Chris Rock once said that ATMs need to have some sort of screen that comes up after 3 am which would ask the person using it if they truly do need that money.
The same thing seems to applies to television cameras.

It’s quite interesting reading and seeing news from the Antipodes, particularly when one has an American perspective. Despite the occasional moaning about political correctness (which is truly just “the golden rule” secularised), I think Americans on the whole try to keep our language in check at least when in front of a television camera. 

Case in point: a shooting in Sydney’s Kings Cross (think Times Square pre-Giuliani) the weekend before last. 
I always thought wog reffered to people from the Meditteranean (both sides of it)  all the way to India. According to Answers.com, however it means just those from the African side of the Meditteranean all the way to India. It’s likely from the term “Golliwog,” which was basically another version of Sambo. Yeah, it’s a real peach of a phrase.
And the report isn’t kidding about all the YouTube hype over her, although how bizarre is it that a R-rated crime description would send someone into 15 minutes of fame territory?
Not quite as bizarre is the fact that she didn’t even see the shooting.
If this sounds like something one of the Newscorp rags would salivate over, well, they certainly have.
By the way, “Skinny” did survive the shooting. That she would describe him as skinny should’ve been the first hint that she didn’t see anything.


  1. Anonymous · May 25, 2009

    >in defense of this 19 year old waitress, she was exhibiting a sense of humor that is peculiar to australia — not the “wog” part, but the whole made up story.it’s often difficult for americans to appreciate the joke and even the brits are sometimes thrown by it. but the aussies love to mess with people, and it’s only funnier when the person who the joke is being perpetrated on (like the reporter, in the instant case) doesn’t realize that the jokester (our 19 year old waitress) is not being sincere.

  2. Anonymous · May 26, 2009

    >”Golliwog”…Bad tho the meaning, the word itself is wonderful in an aussie sort of way.

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