>I’m Baaaack

>And it’s the 1300th post.

It’s Winter down here in Sydney, and it’s more like a combination of Summer in San Francisco (cloudy, slight cold) and Mid Spring in the Northeast (low-to-mid 60s, low humidity). The picture below was taken only a few days ago near where I’m living in Redfern.

As frequent visitors to this corner of the internet may know, I love Winter. This. Is. Not. Winter.

Well, not my idea of Midwinter.
It does snow in Australia (and even moreso in New Zealand), and the ski resorts seem to be doing well at least in terms of weather. Unfortunately, Sydney is not in the Australian snowbelt (the biggest city that receives snow–and not much of it–is Canberra), so it feels more like an extended Spring to me.
Well, you can’t have it all, and frankly, I can deal with having 50-60% of the proverbial all. Doesn’t change the fact, that I miss Midwestern/Northeastern Winter.
News-wise, the biggest story (prior to the death of our Lord and Saviour Michael Jackson*) down here has been Ute-gate, wherein the Liberal/National coalition claimed that Kevin Rudd** got some kickback from a Queensland car dealer. The email that started the whole kerfluffle turned out to be fake, and now the nation is left wondering why the Coalition didn’t turf out their idiot-in-charge.
* I know he was big worldwide, but the coverage here is ridiculous.
** Who is not the Albino Barack Obama he thinks himself to be, but still better than the alternative. I hold out hope that the Australian Democrats get some sort of revival or the Greens decide to live in the real world.
It is also the first day of the new financial year, which is quite the event apparently. Many shops are shut for stocktaking after a flurry of stocktaking sales which pretty much openly state that they’d rather get rid of it than count it.
The other big story down here is with the NRL (National Rugby League) where a series of players are basically running around glassing their girlfriends, stumbling drunkenly into hotel rooms that are not their own, and well…being thugs. Uncle Rupert [Murdoch]’s Sydney tabloid, The Daily Telegraph ran a headline that said Thugby League.
Last night’s 20 to 1 was dedicated to madness and meltdowns, on the list it featured road rage, and stated that 74% of Australian drivers admit to feeling it. The NRL is starting to look like an outlet for those frustrations with modern life. That being said, I think the American professional sports leagues have a lot more shady things go down that never get reported.
Overall, I must say it is not so much a case of going from the Northern to Southern Hemisphere, but from the Western to the Eastern. Yesterday, I was on the phone to New York and started to made a reference to it being Tuesday, forgetting the time difference. The difference in time being such that Monday was barely finished (EDT is 15 hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time).
Symbolically and literally, this is rendered a great deal of my US media diet nearly obsolete.
Perhaps Tourism Australia (ok, Tourism NZ too) should start using the slogan: Ahead of the Curve.
A technical note, it may be awhile before the video logs get up and running, but I am hoping to resume them on their monthly basis.


  1. Anonymous · July 1, 2009

    >happy 1,300th post!

  2. Runar · July 3, 2009

    >Grats with the move, new place looks nice.Missing the freshness of the winter air already? Well I didn't want to say before you left, but coming from the same latitude and similarly switcing hemispheres and climes, I knew it would be an issue.Still, swims in a cool southern sea will be nice if the sharks aren't too bitey.

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