>From the Ashes of This Afternoon

>(Yes, This Afternoon has been cancelled. Not that anyone noticed, mostly because it was night when that show ever finished.)

While everyone, their grandparents, and their pets was watching Masterchef Australia (think Top Chef and you have 99.9% of the format), TEN’s real golden child is The 7PM Project which premieres today.
A product of Rove McManus’s production company, the show swears up and down that it is not The Daily Show.
Of course it’s not, they’ve got a panel of comedians, not just one with a supporting cast.
Actually, I think the show could really do some ratings damage given that it seems to be on the right network in the right timeslot, regardless of the content. It also helps that the head of network programming is not expecting an overnight success, according to the Sydney Morning Herald:

We absolutely believe in this strategy and we’re going to give it time to find its feet. I remember night two ofMasterChef was 900,000 (viewers) and people were saying it’s all over and then in a couple of weeks it was up to 1.6, 1.7 million. This show will take a bit more time to find its legs but if we’re confident with the content and we’re happy with the direction, it will stay

Good luck.

One comment

  1. Anonymous · July 19, 2009

    >and not only did they cancel this afternoon after only a month, but they replaced it (at least in part) with antique roadshow. talk about rubbing salt into the wound.

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