>One Born Every Minute…

>Suckers, that is.

I have been holding my tongue on this for quite some time, but I just have to say this:
Parky: The One-Man Show looks like either the daftest or most blatantly public ego massages I have ever seen.
For A$92.50+ you can watch and listen to someone recount his encounters with famous celebrities as broadcast originally on free British television, and rebroadcast on free Australian television.
Not like any of the actual celebrities are actually going to be there.
You are paying to just see and hear Michael Parkinson talk about meeting these people and watch clips of him interviewing them.
Shockingly enough, more shows have been added. Tsk, tsk.
Hopefully The Chaser will tackle this absurdity before it disappears into oblivion.


  1. Anonymous · July 19, 2009

    >such a shame about the chaser being canceled. despite what everyone else thinks, i loved the "make a realistic wish foundation" and i never once thought that they were making fun of sick children. i wish people would just lighten up.

  2. Anonymous · July 19, 2009

    >sorry, meant to say that it's a shame "the war on everything" has been canceled.

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