>Me Me Me…Mine Mine Mine

>I’ve refrained commenting on the British backpacker saga when it was going on, because…well…I thought it was a sham.

To quote The 7pm Project: What 19 year old leaves a hostel without a mobile?
Now comes word that for all of his claims that he was going to donate all of his TV interview money to the SES, not one cent has made it to his rescuers (cue moans from the Nine News offices, laughter from the offices of all the other news organisations), plus he’s also bickering with his far from camera-shy father, who wants his own cut.
Personally, I think it all doesn’t add up, except in the eye$.


  1. Anonymous · July 24, 2009

    >all the little places on this earth that have tourism as their sole economic mainstay are exactly alike — little copies of alcatraz, only more depressing.

  2. Hikaru · July 25, 2009

    >Given Australia's history as a penal colony, it's a rather (unintentional, I'm guessing) comment the workers are making.

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