>Apparently Australia Doesn’t Want To Dance It’s Ass Off

>I had never heard of Dance Your Ass Off, but apparently it’s a big (relative to the network size, and no pun intended) hit on Oxygen.

With Dancing With The Stars doing gangbusters on Seven, I can understand the logic of Nine dropping it in the middle of prime time. Unfortunately, it sank like a (no pun intended) stone: This review from the Sydney Morning Herald is pretty indicative of the reception it got.
Meanwhile, Nine is rolling out the programming for GO, and the results look like afternoon programming on a midmarket MyNetwork station: TMZ, Seinfeld, plus Fox’s B team of programmes.
I think it will GO back to the drawing board, especially with TEN’s new slate.

One comment

  1. Anonymous · July 31, 2009

    >in my opinion, talent shows like these aren't just a throwback to an earlier era of entertainment; they belong to a genre unto themselves (such as comedy, drama etc.).

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