>Monday Jukebox Writes To Whitney Houston

>Dear Ms. Houston,

Congrats on your return.

I am only a lowly writer in Sydney, Australia, but if you should happen to stumble across this little bit of the internet, I would strongly suggest that you take a gander at the following clips. I hope you can fit these into your busy schedule.

Flashback to 2000. It’s the Sanremo Songfestival and a woman named Jenny B comes out and belts out a jazz ballad called Semplice Sai (“Be Simple”), and wins the newcomers division.

The following year she goes into the Professionals Section and doesn’t win with Anche Tu (“Even You;”which to my ears is the same song somewhat overdone), but puts on a good performance.


As for the winning song, well, Luce was a force of its own.


Mind you, I thought Alice’s song from Sanremo 2000 was the same recipe (minus the extra musicians), but better. (Disclaimer: Alice can do no wrong in my book.)


Ms. Houston, might you perhaps consider singing in Italian? I think you might be up for the challenge.


Monday Jukebox


One comment

  1. Anonymous · August 17, 2009

    >that's funny because i like the cover of "con te partiro" done by donna summer (another american diva whose heyday was long ago). so, whitney, if you're reading, please follow jukebox's advice and do a song in italian.

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