>Is Chrysler Breaking The Law?

>Down here, Chrysler is airing an ad that features Arnold Schwartznegger’s image–his current Governor of California image promoting their “You Can Do It” Sale.

Now, this may sound tedious, but I do wonder about the legality of it.
Arnold Schwartznegger is the current Governor of California.
Chrysler is now owned partly (9-10%) by the US government.
Is it legal or even ethical for a partly government owned company to use a prominent civil servant or that civil servant’s image to promote its products?
Schwartznegger “promoting” Chrysler is quite different than him promoting California tourism, which he is expected to do.
It also is different than Bob Dole promoting Viagra (shudder), which he did after he retired, and Pfizer isn’t a government owned corporation.

One comment

  1. Anonymous · August 28, 2009

    >well, if schwartzenegger authorized the ad, then it's probably not illegal. and he may very well have given his consent — though not necessarily for money. he may be going along with the ad as a way to promote american cars (maybe there's even a chrysler plant or supplier in california).

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