>Revenge of the Shadows from America


Deja vu from the States seems to be this week’s theme, doesn’t it?

Down here, it’s somewhat of a pleasure to not be inundated with fundamentalist Christian faction of society that would gladly relish the attempt to legislate our eyes, ears, and minds on a daily basis.

Well, the Australian Christian Lobby (think Moral Majority sans Farwell) now making an attempt to clean up Australian television, according to this article in Uncle Rupert’s Daily Telegraph. Naturally, they seem to be conveniently forgetting that the best television policing is actually getting off your lazy arse and watching television with your kids.

It should be mentioned that Australian free-to-air television is a bit more frank than US free-to-air (arguably even more than subscription). The general rule is after 9 PM anything goes from language to nudity: Hell’s Kitchen for example airs without bleeping Ramsey’s swearing, and homegrown hit Underbelly is well-known for bouncing bare breasts and bums.

Meanwhile, in the US you still can’t say “asshole” or “goddamn” on free-to-air after 10PM (if ever), and Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction is still being investigated 5 years later.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · September 18, 2009

    >were you being intentionally ironic when you wrote about "getting off your lazy arse and watching television [with your kids]?"

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