>Red Dawn in Sydney

Apparently it’s quite the rare phenomenon. (Yes, it is like the world has been tinted.)

For someone who misses snow–like myself–this makes up for it.


  1. Anonymous · September 22, 2009


  2. Anonymous · September 22, 2009

    >by the way, if new zealand has "krazy kiwi krime," then aussies can produce an "awful australian affront."http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/8268399.stm

  3. Hikaru · September 23, 2009

    >Good one.By the way, here's the 7Pm Project's take on Queensland's all-Nude Cop reviewhttp://7pmproject.com.au/video.htm?vxSiteId=7a6ab1fe-cd90-4143-bf79-ba376a096b2e&vxChannel=7PM%20Catch%20Up&vxClipId=2689_7pm-seg1-220909&vxBitrate=300&vxTemplate=7PM_Index.swf

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