>Outrageous Fortune

>Say Outrageous Fortune to most people in the US, and you think (much like I still do) of the 1980s comedy with Bette Midler in her Touchstone heyday* and a still relevant Shelley Long.

* The Hikaruland Bette Midler hair theory: The shorter Bette’s hair is in a film, the less entertaining it is. It’s like the Kevin Kline moustache theory, but a touch mean.
Here in the Antipodes, Outrageous Fortune now refers to a popular Kiwi dramedy about a criminal family and their attempts to make themselves respectable.
The opening song, Gutter Black, pretty much sums up what’s in store.

And here’s the current season (you might not want to watch this at work).

The rumour mill has it that the show is headed for the US–under a remake, of course. (We wouldn’t want it to be known that there are other English speaking countries outside of the Northern Hemisphere, you know.)


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  1. Anonymous · September 24, 2009


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