>Wednesday Jukebox Wonders What It Would Be Like Backstage


Remember last year where the jukebox was—how shall I say this politely—bemused by Namie Amuro’s homage to the 1960s/70s/80s?

Well, here’s a live performance of the trilogy, and I don’t whether it’s stress, indifference, tiredness, or just the fact that Ms. Amuro is just stoic, but you get the impression that she wants the whole lot done.

Now this may be very unfair, but contrast L’Amuro’s performance with that of Destiny’s Child on the same show (albeit a few years earlier).

Say what you will about the Beyonce juggernaut and her two satellites, but they do at least make an attempt look alive.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · November 4, 2009

    >let's give amuro the benefit of the doubt and presume that she hadn't had enough time to rehearse her routine before she was pushed onstage.

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