>Anna Nicole Smith redux


Fortunately or unfortunately Geoffrey Edelsten has no heirs (at least none that seem to be in the public eye), so the Edelsten-Gordon nuptials shouldn’t end in a Federal court.

Nonetheless, it looks like the spirit of Anna Nicole Smith has returned (squeaky voice and all) and is now wreaking havoc and bad taste in Australia. (And we had Chk-chk-boom girl!)

Take a gander at the Garry Marshall directed wedding invite, which has been making the rounds at Seven News today.

For the fashion sensitive, do take a look at what Gordon wore to the Brownlow gala*. (And had Fevola managed to hold it together, she would’ve been the big story, or stories…so to speak.)

* You might want to adjust your speaker volume down for the audio clip.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · November 10, 2009

    >i love the part of the wedding invitation that shows the happy couple shopping for frocks in las vegas with "pretty woman" playing — all so very reminiscent of the julia roberts movie about a prostitute. life imitates art?

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